CHARDONNEL:  This dry white was aged and fermented in Acacia Wood.  While there is not woodiness in the taste of the wine, the acacia brings out the floral taste.  With a strong white stone feature on the palate, the long finish carries through nicely with smooth tannins and a citrus flavor on the back end.  An excellent wine drunk solo, it pairs well with appetizers such as various cheeses.  Rock fish and poultry are enhanced by this wine, as is such dishes as quiche Lorraine.  This bottle is a steal at any price. $ 21.00 / BOTTLE

YEOCOMICO WHITE:  A complex blend of Vidal Blanc, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnel, and an off dry Petit Manseng fermented on the skin, this wine was aged in stainless steel, bringing out the tropical fruit overtones.  In addition, the palate is further enhanced by floral notes with citrus zest rounding out this taste  of the tropics.  A wine made for the Northern Neck, Yeocomico White is a natural for all kinds of seafood, particularly the great oysters that come out of the headwaters of the Rappahannock River.  $ 18.00 / BOTTLE.

COOL BREEZE A 100% Cayuga White, the sweetness of the nose can be deceiving, as it is not as sweet as it may first appear, but the sweetness is not missed once this wine is tasted.  The flavors of apricot and peach are matched with a citrus tannin that makes this bottle a must for any gathering where there are aperitifs or appetizers, or just by its lonesome, this wine will not disappoint.  $ 19.00 / BOTTLE

STOLEN KISS:  This dry rosé is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and a splash of Chambourcin, all aged in stainless steel.  The nose on this bottle wafts of strawberries and cherries, followed by hints of vanilla on the palate.  This wine is strong enough to be paired with many different entrees, but would be exceptional with a salad or light fare $ 17.00 / BOTTLE

SWEET SUE:  A blend of 95% Chambourcin and 5% Concord concentrate aged in stainless steel, this Rosé speaks of the winery owner’s grandmother, Sue Taylor.  A strong palate of red berries and fruit supported by a 4% residual sugar, this is a wine that could be enjoyed solo or with a deli tray of mixed Italian meats and cheeses.  This is not your typical sweet wine, but then again, there was nothing typical about Sue.  Sue Taylor will always be missed by those who knew and loved her. 

$ 18.00 /  BOTTLE

CHAMBOURCIN:  100% Chambercin, aged in French and American oak, dark fruit, such as black raspberries and dark plums greet the palate to be followed by a succession of leather, coffee and chocolate.  This is wine that demands big meat dinners.  Prime rib, a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings,  smoked pork, or BBQ chicken are all matches made in heaven for this wine.   This is a wine to be enjoyed now as well as put away to age for another year.   It will only get better. $ 22.00 /  BOTTLE

ELEMENT:  Aged in French and American oak, this blend of Petite Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, and Tannat offers a complex nose that approaches euphoria.  The bouquet of tobacco, leather, cigar box, combined with plum and pepper corns provide a sensation that, in itself, is an experience.  The palate does not disappoint with the richness of the taste of leather, tobacco, dark plum and black currents, combined with a tannin that adds great texture to this wine.   Add beef or wild game and the feast is complete.

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