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​​​Rivah Vineyards at the Grove

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October 10, 2019


Thank you for coming to our Vineyard and Winery website. My name is William Bryce Taylor. Everyone calls me Bryce. I have had this dream, ever since I came to the Northern Neck to do something by working outside; to do something with the soil; to do something with our farm that is exciting and interesting. My Grandfather, William Brown Taylor, Sr., who owned the farm taught me to love the land, to respect it and to use it to grow all kinds of things. He had a great vegetable garden and would share the benefits of it in the growing season with many folks in the community.  I am now farming grapes on the same land that my grandfather loved so much and now the land that I have come to love myself. I am ready to share my garden with you now.

The land we are on (see History Page) has been in our family for generations. The Federal style brick house here on the property was finished in 1832. If you look real hard you can see the date on a brick way up on the chimney, as well as the initials of the brick mason. The house was built by my fifth great-grandparents - David Ball Taylor and his wife Fannie Bailey Taylor. The land was originally in the Bailey family. We suspect that there was an earlier house on the property somewhere, however, we have yet to find a foundation.

Being right on the water, our family have always enjoyed water activities as well as God's magnificent bounty coming from the river.  I am talking here about its seafood; fish of many kinds, crabs, oysters, and some clams. I have found that the wines we have made and are making, pair really well with many kinds of Virginia Specialty Foods and with foods that seem synonymous with the Northern Neck, i.e. oysters and crabs. The other bounty from the river is the clay found under it.  In fact the clay used to make the bricks for the manor house was taken from the river bottom, made into bricks by hand, and fired on a kiln right here on the property. We don't know exactly where it was on the property, but we do have a few clues. 

For the last five years I have getting our fields ready, selected specific grapes that do well in our area, planted the vines nurturing them so to be ready that one day we could build a winery. That day is now here and I am really excited for you to be part of the progress! In the days ahead we will be working hard to get all our grapes in a row to have an opening that makes an impact on our local economy as well as a place for visitors to enjoy a day of relaxation, education, and fun while visiting or living here on Virginia's beautiful Northern Neck.

In the next few weeks, I am planning on establishing our Founder's Wine Club with limited membership. This will include having your name placed in a prominent position for all to see, invitations to special events, Founder's Club only events, a percentage off wine and other merchandise, as well as free wine tastings for two. When you join this club you will know too that you are helping this venture begin on a solid financial foundation.

Being the youngest vineyard and winery owner on the East Coast, and second youngest in the United States doesn't mean that I don't know anything about vines and wines. I have been going to classes, workshops, association meetings, and working with my friends and winery owners R.D. and Junghee Thompson at Caret Cellars in Essex County for a number of years. With the help of my friend, mentor, and vineyard and wine consultant Mr. Floyd Oslin (who has been in this business for over 35 years), I know our final products are going to be some of the most sought after wines being made today. I am looking forward to meeting many of you personally in the weeks to come as my dream is finally becoming reality! Come and taste the awesome with me!  With all best wishes, I am,

Sincerely yours,


W. Bryce Taylor