"Beer is made by men, wine by God" - Martin Luther

Our Story

​​​Rivah Vineyards at the Grove

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Born out of our love of Virginia wines, regional food, and local Virginia History, Rivah Vineyards at the Grove is sure to become the premiere location for superior wine, great food, and your favorate event venue in the Lower Northern Neck.  

Our mission is to produce the finest wines in the region from grapes grown in our vineyards and to welcome guests to share the ambiance of a 19th Century farmhouse and grounds on the headwaters of the Yeocomico River. Hence, our rows are planted and maturing every year. We are dedicated to growing the highest quality of grapes, offering only the finest quality wines, local cuisine, and an experience to surely engage your senses. We are taking great care in assembling a team of only the best staff the industry has to offer. β€‹All of this takes time and like great wines takes time to produce. We are taking our time in opening so we get it right the first time. Keep checking back to see our progress! We look forward to opening when the time is right!